Pet Accessories

Peggylicious Whelping Box.  Can be painted in your own choice of colour.  Fits Cocker Spaniel sized dog. But can be made for any size dog. Box comes in 2 pieces with a slight gap between the base and the sides to allow a blanket to be trapped in place so puppies can’t get tangled or suffocated.  The box has ‘pig rails’ all the way round 4″ up from the base.

A “pig rail” is very important, tired bitches will tend to lie into the corners or along the sides of the box. A “pig rail” provides a safe area for pups to move out from under their mother and avoid being squashed. If they are squashed they will either be literally flattened or they will suffocate. Boxes are made to order and we can tailor them with the addition of your dog’s name.  They can come flat packed or delivered in one piece. Cost unpainted is £185.  Cost painted £210 with extra £40 to add a name. Delivery charges to be advised.

Dimensions of box shown below:

Overall length of finished box = 37 inches
Overall width/depth of finished box = 32 inches
Front panel height = 9 inches
Back & side panels height 12 ½ inches







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