Origami Dog

Talking Dog

The origami talking dog is really easy to make. You’ll need a marker to draw on the eyes, nose and tongue. For a printable .pdf version of the talking dog instructions,click here. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the .pdf file.  You can get Adobe Reader here

1.  Start with your paper white side up.Fold in half then open. 2.  Fold the top corner down to the bottom corner. 3.  Fold the two top corners down to the points shown 
4.  Fold the uppermost layer of the bottom corner up a little way 5.  Fold this layer up again, from the top of the triangle as shown 
6.  Add eyes and a nose to the dog’s face. If you like you can even add a tongue! Sitting Dog The origami sitting dog is a lovely model: make it with some colourful paper for a crazy dog! Or try brown textured paper for a more realistic effect. For a printable pdf version of the sitting dog instructions, click here. 1. Start with white side up. Fold in half. 2. Fold to centre line. 3. Fold in half. 4. Crease as shown, flatten well, then  open. 5. Using this crease, Outside Reverse fold as shown. 6. Crease as shown, and open. 7. Outside Reverse fold once again. 8. Fold part of neck. Crease well. ‘Sink’ this point by pressing on it to reverse the creases. 9. To make the nose, crease twice, then Inside Reverse fold each crease. 10. Inside Reverse fold once again to the end of the nose. 11. Crease well, twice, along the lines shown. Then Inside Reverse fold both to make the tail. 12. Fold the bottom part of both sides of the tail upwards toward the body. Finished Dog. Try other models like the origami sitting dog here. Origami Sitting Dog  

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