Welcome to the gift shop for Peggylicious children’s books and gifts.  Peggylicious is a beautiful, black cocker spaniel, who together with her best friend, a Tibetan Terrier called Archie, forms The Do Good Dog Clan, and helps children in trouble.  The books are written in rhyme to aid reading development with beautiful full page illustrations.  The books are aimed ages 3 to 7.

Bear Comes Home for Christmas

When Peggylicious finds out that Spencer has lost his favourite Teddy Bear on Christmas Eve, The Do Good Dog Clan comes to the rescue!  This third book in the Peggylicious series is beautifully illustrated and perfect for reading together.   A lovely book for Christmas.

Cost £5.00  btn_cart_LG


Coming Home

The first book in the Peggylicious series.  Meet Peggy and Archie for the first time and find out how Peggy comes home to her new family as a puppy, meets Archie, and The Do Good Dog Clan is formed.  The book is written in rhyme to aid reading development and is suitable for 3-7 years of age.  Although Peggy has some 9 and 12 year olds who are great fans!

Cost:  £5.00  btn_cart_LG

Lost in the Woods

The second book in the Peggylicious series. A group of children are so excited at the end of a school term that they decide to go on an adventure, forget to  tell their parents and get lost.  Peggy and Archie come to the rescue and all ends well.  This story highlights the importance of telling your parents where you’re going.

Cost £5.00    

Personal letter from Peggy and Archie

Personal letter from Peggy and archie

Make your gift really special by including a personal letter from Peggy and Archie!  Just let us know who you’d like the letter addressed to and any special information you’d like including in the letter in the ‘instructions to seller’ box when checking out.

Cost £2.00  btn_cart_LG


Peggy Shoulder Bag


So cute for any little girl.  Has Peggy’s face on the front and pink paw prints on the back with a pink spotty shoulder strap.  Size of bag 16cms x 16cms. A perfect gift for just £5.00. 

Peggylicious Cotton Tote Bag

Handmade out of quality cotton.  A really well made, sturdy bag that’s easy to wash and the perfect size for a Peggylicious book or matching pencil case! Available in pink or green. Cost £8.00

Peggylicious Green Bag 

Peggylicious Pink Bag     

 Peggy Craft Roll

peg-132Includes a little notebook, 4 pens, 8 felt tip pens and a mechanical pencil with rubber. Back of roll has pink pawprint material.

Costs £10.00 

 Archie Craft Roll


Includes a little notebook, 4 pens,8 felt tip pens and a mechanical pencil with rubber. Back of roll has green pawprint material.

Costs £10.00  

Peggylicious Notebook


A5 with plain white paper.

Cost £2.50 



2 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Hello. My brother has a black cocker spaniel and I have an adorable TT. ( They gave me Coming Home as a Chanukah present and I love it! (I’m 55….) I’d love to have a print of a pic of Archie and Peggy together – is this something you might be producing in the future?
    Seasons greetings and thanks for such a delightful book.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comments Marion. Yes I could definitely let you have a print of one of the illustrations in the book or would prefer a print of the real Peggy and Archie together?

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