Meet Peggy and Archie for the first time! In Coming Home Peggy meets her her new family and her best friend, Archie, for the first time and The Do Good Dog Clan is formed!


Lost in the Woods is the 2nd book in the Peggylicious series.  A group of children are so excited at the end of a school term they decide to go on an expedition, forget to  tell their parents and get lost.  Peggy and Archie come to the rescue and all ends well.  This story highlights the importance of telling your parents where you’re going. 


Book 3 in the Peggylicious series, Bear Comes Home For Christmas, sees our dynamic duo, Peggy and Archie help find a little boy’s lost Teddy Bear on Christmas Eve.  “No one should be sad at Christmas!” says Peggy and the two dogs come to the rescue to make sure Spencer’s Christmas is perfect.


Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan is my series of beautifully illustrated children’s books which follow the exploits of Peggy, a black cocker spaniel, and her best friend, a Tibetan Terrier called Archie. Together they form The Do Good Dog Clan, helping children overcome difficulties and keeping them safe. The books are aimed at children aged three to six years old.

How will the stories develop?

Each new book will highlight a situation that children find it difficult to cope with as they grow up.  The dogs help the child through that part of their life and make it fun at the same time!  From moving to a new neighbourhood and having to make new friends, starting a new school, understanding right from wrong, to feeling left out and  getting lost on a school trip!  The books will tackle all sorts of issues in a light-hearted, easy to understand manner that children and parents will love reading.

Have you taken on board any expert advice?

Yes, I have collaborated with teachers from nurseries and primary schools about the issues that children face and the first book has been reviewed by speech therapists (see Reviews).

Why are the books written in rhyme?

The book is written in rhyme which young children find easier to follow and which helps them to progress with their reading more quickly. Studies confirm that knowledge of rhymes helps children progress in reading once they start school. This is detailed more on the ‘Bookstart’ website.


Books can be purchased from this website, any UK bookstore, from Waterstones, Amazon or by clicking on the links below.

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