The Author

Having worked as a Copywriter for a national advertising agency for many years, Claire Harrison went freelance as a Marketing & PR Consultant in 1998 writing and placing numerous features, articles and news stories for clients in national press, trade publications, lifestyle magazines, radio and TV.

In early 2011 ago Claire finally put pen to paper for herself and wrote her first children’s book, Coming Home – Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan.  ‘Coming Home’ is the first in a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books which follow the exploits of Peggylicious, a crime fighting cocker spaniel and her best friend, a Tibetan Terrier called Archie.

Claire is joint founder and managing editor of The Phare Literary Magazine and has a first class degree in Creative Writing and a Masters in Creative & Critical Writing. She is due to start a PhD in October 2021.

“I’ve been writing stories ever since I can remember, but they’ve always been for my children and nephews and nieces. I am totally dog mad, and my love of dogs combined with my love of writing has led me to Peggylicious and her doggy antics!”

Claire lives in Cheltenham with her three cocker spaniels. 

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